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The place where fine craftsmanship is taken to a new level – video

The place where fine craftsmanship is taken to a new level – video

The Great Wall of China is a massive architectural wonder listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Despite being several hundred years old, it is still in good condition, but it is not the only ancient building to enter the history books.

Now, the Chinese may be upset about the opposite, because someone took a video of a trivial error resulting from a terrible construction and posted it on the Internet so that the whole world can see that not only eternal miracles are being built in the world – now -. The second most populous country on Earth.

The footage shows a strip of asphalt filled with small bumps. Almost all of these things are nothing more than quartz crystals and other hard minerals, which basically pushed up the thin and weak road surface.

To find out why, we have to go back to the beginning of things. First off, there was a contractor who probably wanted the biggest profit possible, so he left some materials out of the way, which might never be uncovered unless there was heavy rain and flooding. These things swept away the little foundation I had received from under the asphalt, and then sank under their own weight. Since the crystals and stones remained in place, they pushed the casing up a few centimetres.

Road building is not an easy profession at all. It involves many pitfalls and difficulties, so it requires serious planning. However, sometimes, even with a well-constructed road, one (or more) pipe breaks can occur, as happened in January 2023 with a BMW in Debrecen.

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Of course, there are cases in which the contractor can simply be held fully responsible, and it also happens that the pavement is very old and some cracks are enough, combined with winter temperature fluctuations and periods of rain, to form huge potholes in seconds. We recently put together what can be done before and after pothole damage.

@mysticmonastic Penetrating clear quartz. #quartz #breakthrough #motherearth #Askwhy #education #Awakening #Break_the_Barrier ♬ Beautiful and scary female voice and beautiful piano (1148500) – Shimeikan

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