Art and science meet

On Thursday afternoon, an exhibition entitled Startvonal opens in Csikász Gallery. Recent works have been presented to young and middle-generation artists who started out in Veszprém in the place where most of them began their careers. Curator: Gabor Franny.

exhibition Laszlo Hegeshalmi It was opened by a visual artist, the former director of Dar al-Funun, a Albert Einstein He began his speech with a quote: “All religions, arts, and sciences are different branches of the same tree. The purpose of these endeavors is to maximize a person’s life, to bring him out of purely material existence and to lead the individual to freedom.”

The starting line is a one-year, thirty-plus-thirty-year timeline, thus referring to the period from 1960 to 1990 and from 1990 to the present day. He went on to say that anyone who follows the development of Hungarian fine art knows exactly what has changed in the past decades hijeshalmiThen he added, and now here is the generation born in the sixties, seventies and eighties.

Who exactly are we talking about? Ádám Albert, Gábor Áfrány, Richárd Csík, Zsuzsi Csiszér, Anett Deli, Imre Farkas, Tamás Fuchs, Péter Hatala, László Hegyeshalmi, Marcel Kelemen, gota Környei, Tambstel Marton, gota Környei, Tambel Marton, gota Környei, Tambel Marton, van Tarzy Istvan Zakar, Kata Varchigi, Agnes Verebeeks.

Nineteen artists, thirteen of them were born in Veszprém, five of them work or work at the House of Arts, eleven also teach at a high level, impart their knowledge. The strength and curatorial concept of the exhibition are the quality and the belonging to the place (Veszprém and the House of Arts), as well as the shared memory and cohesion.

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The exhibition materials include, among others, painting, collage, printmaking, photography, and computer-generated animation. He claims that this exhibition is a meeting of art and science hijeshalmiWhere biology, physics, chemistry, and engineering meet the fine arts.

The exhibition can be viewed until the 4th of June.

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