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The passionate animal rights activist thought he was saving a piglet, but it turned out to be just a pom pom

The passionate animal rights activist thought he was saving a piglet, but it turned out to be just a pom pom

A new resident arrived last week at Lower Moss Nature and Wildlife Hospital in England. The adorable little hedgehog was brought to the organization by a passionate animal activist. But as it was soon revealed:

The hedgehog wasn't actually a hedgehog, but a pom pom that fell out of a hat.

An animal rescue organization based in Knutsford, Cheshire he wrote on FacebookTheir hearts melted when they saw the amount of love the Kamsons received from the rest of the well-meaning nature. The hat tassel arrived in a box carefully lined with newspaper, placed next to a plate of food.

“Remember that kindness has no limits, even if you are giving it to your furry friend!” They wrote.

The organization also drew attention to the fact that the Pom Pom rescuer did not behave badly, because if you meet a hedgehog during the day, this may indicate that something is wrong, as hedgehogs are primarily nocturnal animals. Therefore, they also recommend putting it in a box and taking it to the vet.

The charity cares for around 2,000 injured animals each year.

Somewhere, leaning on a tree branch, laughing into the palm of his hand Explosionwhich no one really knows, because sometimes he can change his shape, sometimes like this, sometimes like this: if he wants, he is like a fur coat, or a wig, or a fur glove with one finger turned inside out, or a pumice stone to paint a room, Or a cotton tassel on the toe of slippers.

Or hedgehog.


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