5 millió eurót fordít a minisztérium arra, hogy legyen elég hely az ovikban

The ministry is spending 5 million euros to get enough space in Ovis

Education Minister Branislav Groling (SaS) said the ministry will provide 5 million euros to support municipalities in increasing pre-school capacity to enable all young children of five years of age by September to attend school.

Illustration – Cséfalvay Á. Andrew

The ministry is spending 2 million euros on a development project called “nurseries”, which could be used by supervisors of institutions to equip rooms and classrooms for compulsory education in kindergartens. “It is mainly about educational aids and educational games, but it is also about furniture, laundries and bedrooms,” the ministry said. “About 10,000 euros will be paid for another semester.” An additional 3 million euros will be allocated for personnel expenditures for the approximately 200 departments that will be established between September and December of this year.

Gröhling noted that mandatory attendance in kindergarten helps children from age 5, reduces the risk of re-studying in school, and reduces the chances of leaving school early. “It helps the children to attend primary school and meet them there, but it also improves their emotional and social skills,” he said.

They also indicated that compulsory attendance in kindergartens was introduced by the previous government, and that municipalities have two years to prepare to absorb sufficient capacities. However, they know that for some urban or rural municipalities this is definitely a problem to this day.


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