The futuristic world of Back in The Invincible comes to life in the news block’s new trailer

Starward Industries’ indoor sci-fi adventure The Invincible has received a new teaser, in the trailer we were able to gain more insight into the futuristic world of the game’s narrative, gameplay and also got a taste of the story.

The former developers of CD Projekt RED and Techland, Starward Industries, have come up with new info and a new trailer for their sci-fi adventure The Invincible. Based on the trailer, the game was heavily inspired by the retro-futuristic novel Invincible by Polish writer Stanislav Lem. According to the story, the protagonists, Yasna, an astrobiologist, and her crew land on a strange planet during the Regis III mission, but things take an unexpected turn.

While adventuring on an alien planet In addition to exploration, survival will be the focus, while we will encounter strange things and forms of life that seem incomprehensible at first. The Invincible, which evokes the retro-futuristic work of the 70s, will be released this year. According to the plans, we will be able to discover the frightening secrets of the alien planet on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S.

Watch this whole video!

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