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The first preview of a large-scale superhero series has arrived on Netflix, which is based on the comic book by Kick / Ass and Kingsman.

The first preview of a large-scale superhero series has arrived on Netflix, which is based on the comic book by Kick / Ass and Kingsman.

Mark Millar is one of the most talented comic writers of all time, with titles like Kingsman – The Secret Service, Ha / Ver, or Civil War. So, it’s not surprising that Netflix noticed this as well, then in 2017 it turns out that the live streaming provider had bought out the filming rights for Millarworld’s entire comic book catalog. (Kingsman of 20th Century Studios / Disney and Ha / Ver of Lionsgate were certainly not part of the deal.) Since then, however, little has been heard of Reed Hastings’ plans for the franchises they own. However, the wait is coming to an end, as Jupiter’s legacy, the first fruit of the two companies’ cooperation, will begin on May 7. And recently, the first preview has arrived, which you can see below!

The title comics picked up spinning in 1930, when the first generation of superheroes appeared. However, decades later, famous heroes have one day become the “gatekeeper” of the father, many of whom are unable to integrate into the modern world. Meanwhile, their children are increasingly struggling to follow in their footsteps. As part of IGN FanFest, framed in this way, Millar will tell the story from the perspective of a man who looks back on his life and realizes that he made a mistake.

The series’ director was originally Stephen S. Decnett, who had already proven FireRing: Rebellion and Marvel’s Daredeville, but left the project in 2019 citing “creative disagreements”. (From that, he even writes the script for the pilot and the eighth episode, and even the first episode director.) Its place is in Real Death, The Walking Dead, and 24: Live for a New Day, among others. Kyu Kim took over. The main characters will be played by actors such as Josh Duhamel (Sheldon Sampson / The Utopian), Ben Daniels (Walter Sampson / Brian Weave), Leslie Bibb (Grace Sampson / Lady Liberty) and Elena Camboris (Chloe Sampson).

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