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The election results were so disappointing for the Belgian Prime Minister that he resigned in tears

The election results were so disappointing for the Belgian Prime Minister that he resigned in tears

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo tearfully announced his resignation after the disappointing election results BBC. But Crowe led a seven-party coalition and it seems likely that he will not be able to retain his majority. Through tears, she spoke of how Sunday night had been a “very difficult night” for her. His resignation will take effect on June 10.

The resignation itself is not unprecedented, because in Belgium, after the elections, the head of government must present it to the king, and then usually continues in his executive position until the formation of the new government. This can be particularly difficult in Belgium, which is why there have been particularly long-term executive governments.

In Belgium, they agitated the European Parliament election day more than in our country, because they also attacked the federal and regional elections. In addition, since the country is divided into three different parts (the bilingual Brussels region, the French-speaking Wallonia region, and the Dutch-speaking Flanders region), Belgians vote for three different leaderships, as well as a municipality with German nationality.

It is usual in the country for the Flemish to vote for the right, while the Walloons to vote for the left, but this changed this year. In Wallonia, the right-wing reform movement achieved great success. the Evening According to the party of Georges-Louis Boucher, whether in the Walloon region or in Brussels, it took first place, obtaining 29.6 and 26.1 percent of the votes. Socialist Party only He knew 23.2 and 21 percent Get yourself, which represents a decrease of 3 and 1 percent compared to the 2019 elections. The newspaper wrote that these results shocked the Socialists who had led the country for years so much that the Prime Minister resigned POLITICO. Wallonia's centrist party Les Engagés A They ranked third with 20 percent.

In the Flemish territories, the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) refuted previous polls and managed to maintain its leading position with 24 percent. The largest far-right party, the Flemish Interests Party (Vlaams Belang), achieved a better result than before, but achieved a smaller increase than expected, achieving a result of 23 percent. De Croo congratulated the results of the N-VA, Vlaams Belang and the Vooruit party.

Before the election, N-VA leader Bart de Wever ruled out governing with the far-right Vlaams Belang party. Now he must find allies from centrist and center-left parties to form a majority in the country's federal parliament.

In the European Parliament elections, the right-wing movement is also at the forefront

Since participation in elections is mandatory in Belgium, a relatively high turnout in the European Parliament elections is expected. In the recent European Parliament elections 88 percent of Belgians After casting his vote, the turnout now stands at 89.23 percent.

Belgium It can occupy 22 seats In Strasbourg, 8 seats are given to Walloons, 13 to Flemish and 1 to German speakers.

Almost according to the forecasts received in the first quarter, Vlaams Belang won first place with 13.96 percent. The Reform Movement came in second place with 13.5 percent, followed by the N-VA with 13.43 percent. The Flemish Christian Democrats and the Walloon Socialist Party could get 8%, and five other parties have reached the 5% threshold.

Update: We pointed out in the second paragraph of the article that the Prime Minister's resignation is not in itself a catastrophe after the elections, but De Croo highlighted the losses he suffered on Sunday.

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