He doesn't ask for vaccinations, he doesn't start the local kayak for Hungarians at the Olympics

He doesn’t ask for vaccinations, he doesn’t start the local kayak for Hungarians at the Olympics

Discipline kayak slalom Schmid Julia He resigned from Tokyo after the Hungarian Olympic Committee (MOB) decided that only an athlete protected from Covid-19 can be a member of the Hungarian team.


All Hungarian athletes at the Olympic Games will be protected

Krisztián Kulcsár said all other issues should be pushed to the background so that no one misses the Olympics because MOB has not done their best in the field.

“On July 9, the Hungarian Olympic Committee Presidency decided that only athletes protected from Covid-19 are members of the Hungarian team at the Tokyo Olympics.

Subsequently, Julia Schmid, who was redistributed in the slalom kayak, indicated that she would cancel the Olympic start for this reason, so the Hungarian Olympic Committee will withdraw her participation in the competition from July 28.

MOB announced in a statement Saturday that it does not wish to comment further on the matter.

The Hungarians had not yet started on the slalom, the expectation of Julia Schmid, a naturalized Austrian, was a fair stance. With Schmid gone, the Hungarian national team currently has 173 participants in the Tokyo Olympics, which begins next Friday.

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