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The day of the celebration of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Halmon – Video!

The day of the celebration of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Halmon – Video!

God, Home, Family – These most important values ​​are highlighted at Vrmegyei Hhalum in Negrid, on the traditional CDP Family Day.

Last updated: August 30, 2023 at 4:56 PM

Aug 30, 2023 at 4:31 pm

Our company is among the residents of Helmia –

More than 1,500 people took part in the traditional Christian Democratic Party family day in Hlum in Vermigi, Negerd.

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Zulte Simgen pointed out that this number exceeds all the opposition combined, and that the Kurdish National Party family day is a demonstration in itself. The Deputy Prime Minister stressed that the Christian Democratic Party is not only the only historical newspaper on the political board today, but also the only newspaper that has fulfilled every point of the program and, since its founding in 1944, can still be published today. . It can also be seen when I look at the points of the KDNP, the idea of ​​family, its protection and support is ultimately present in the history of journalism – summed up by Zsolt Semjn. He emphasized that the basis for the survival of the nation is the family.

The organizers also gave the participants gifts, hungaricum and nigordicum. The kids were driven by an innovative little iron made out of barrels, but there was also the chance to ride the family tractor. In addition, the audience enjoyed dodge games, fairy swings, equestrian programs, light and folk music concerts, and dance performances.

In addition to the indisputable programmes, the most interesting was the podium discussion held with the leader of the parliamentary group Steffen Simicek, Deputy Minister Çapa Laturcay, Deputy Minister of the Kurdish Democratic Party Pence Rtveri, Vice President of the Kurdish National Party, Representative of the European Parliament Jerge Helvny, Deputy KDP, faction leader Nixa Lerink, where senior Christian Democratic politicians answered questions asked by members of the press – you can read in the KDNP interview.

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com. kdnp

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