The "cult" effect - why is it so dangerous?

The “cult” effect – why is it so dangerous?

Behavioral science examines the impact of social norms when people live their lives in different societies.

A society works well if the group establishes a kind of cooperative system among themselves, according to which they act in society. If a spontaneous code of conduct is formed in a society in relation, for example, to customs, morals, and morals, then society will give them binding force and accept them as the true rule of all. Of course, this is not the only way to create rules, there are consciously created laws in society.

The primary driving force behind the rules is reciprocity, so if someone breaks these unwritten rules, they must face the consequences.

As we get older, we accept and feel bound by the standards set by members of the community in the family community or in our school, perhaps in the workplace and/or in the communities, by which standards are created. These standards greatly influence our decisions and relationships, so it is important to be aware of our own values.

Not everyone wants to be part of a community of equal weight.

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However, there are those who are completely united and integrated into their group, almost putting the interests of the group on their own convictions.

That is why closed dogmatic groups, whose basic rules are complete obedience and submission, are so dangerous. This happens when easily affected people turn completely outside themselves, because they are completely under the management of the manipulative group from the moment of identification.

Belonging to different societies is very important for people, but conscious choice and avoidance of extremism is also inevitable here.

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