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The Berlin Lion is a wild boar, no longer desirable

The Berlin Lion is a wild boar, no longer desirable

An unexpected turn of the case.

The lion depicted will probably not be found on the outskirts of Berlin, as it is not a lion, but a wild boar. Build.

Michael Grobert, Mayor of Kleinmachnau, spoke at the press conference with the police early Friday afternoon. Experts analyzed footage of the suspected big cat, but the shape of the animal resembled that of a wild boar.

They realized this from the fact that the animal shown in the video has a hunched back and holds its head down, which is characteristic of wild boars, and not lions at all. In addition, the animal is currently digging in the ground in the video, which a big cat would not do either. In addition, it did not react to the strong lighting, which would have disturbed a fleeing lion. And even its tail is usually wild boar.

The mayor added that the video had not been manipulated, but it was now almost certain that no lion appeared in it.

He declared that they were no longer searching for the lion, that the population was not in danger, and that no sign of a lion had been seen during the active search.

By the way, a stool and hair sample was also found near the original vision, which was sent to the laboratory, the results of which are expected tomorrow.

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