More and more people are suffering from sleep problems in the world, and various tranquilizers and sleeping pills are running out. A few days ago, Australian researchers proved that getting a good night's rest is healthier and easier.

It is known that insufficient quality and quantity of sleep can lead to serious health problems. However, many people feel firsthand that it is not easy to fall into a deep and restful sleep. However, researchers from the University of South Australia suggest a very simple method.

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In their study, they focused on the effect of daytime activities on sleep, and 1,168 children and 1,360 adults participated in their experiments, based on various simulations. Moderate to vigorous physical activity during the day has been shown to reduce fatigue, but lead to more undisturbed sleep and improved sleep quality.

the Sleep health Among their findings detailed in the journal are recommendations regarding good sleep primarily in the period leading up to a night's rest – for example, you should not eat too much a few hours before going to bed, and avoid alcohol and excessive screen time. On the other hand, Australian researchers highlighted that daytime activities are also associated with different aspects of sleep, the overall quality, efficiency and quantity of sleep, the level of fatigue during the day, and even when we feel it is time to go. To bed, we have to hide.

In short, the researchers' advice, which anyone can easily implement, is: Be more active during the day in order to sleep more restfully at night.

How much sleep do you need? There's actually a scientific answer to this too.

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