You no longer need an invitation to the Bluesky social site created by the former co-founder of Twitter, where anyone can register without restrictions.

Bluesky, the social platform launched by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, is open to everyone, according to A TechCrunch.

Bluesky is one of the popular alternatives to Twitter currently owned by Elon Musk (now Joe Biden case He also embodies that well. Last year, even the US President himself could not enter the microblogging platform without an invitation.

In terms of its structure, Bluesky is very similar to the previous Twitter, but the main difference is under the hood: it is one of the pioneers of platforms based on a decentralized protocol, which uses the AT protocol.

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This also means that Bluesky is completely open source, with little exaggeration anyone can build.

Meta has similar decentralization plans with Threads – we wrote about it here – but Mastodon, for example, could also be classified as such a platform.

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