The construction of the new main railway line, which has been planned for years, will start in Austria, which will create a new connection with Schwechat Airport.

Having previously criticized the Minister of Construction and Transport, Janos Lazar, for blowing up the renovation of the Nyugati railway station and stoking the conflict between the capital and the countryside, the former Minister of State for Transport, David Vizzi, has once again criticized the development of the local railway network.

“It is sad to see that today’s news in Hungary is once again about halting railway preparations that have been planned for decades and which are already supported by the EU, and divestment, for example of the main line in Miskolc, which is in ruins (if If you don’t believe it, you can stroll into Rakos Station) in Budapest regarding its introductory section,” on his social pageAdding that “this does not even happen anywhere else in Europe, from Bulgaria to Portugal, railway investments are accelerating and do not stop in light of climate change and the energy crisis.” first wrote about the investments the government will remove from the list of Nationwide Investments here:

In his post, Vitese compared the Hungarian situation with the Austrian example: the Austrian state railway Österreichische Bundesbahnen announced on Saturday that, with the help of EU funds, it will begin work on building a new mainline railway between Bruck an der. Leitha (Lajtabruck) and Vienna’s Schwechat International Airport. This means that fully green field development,

On the new route (shown in red), all Vienna-bound trains from Budapest, Gyor and Bratislava arrive at the underground station under Vienna International Airport in front of the Austrian capital.

To be noticed.

He also added that once construction is complete, Vienna Airport will be closer to western Hungary than Budapest Airport – and it will also be accessible by train from Budapest every hour without transfers, and from Kelenfold within two hours.


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