Index - Economy - NAV acquires 10 million HUF from Gábor Iványi

Index – Economy – NAV acquires 10 million HUF from Gábor Iványi

A month ago, 30 NAV employees raided the association’s headquarters on suspicion of budget fraud. After the operation, a demonstration was organized in front of the building.

Gabor Ivani told a news conference on Thursday about the developments in the case since then. He said they could only settle their net asset debt if they got the $12 billion they claimed the Hungarian state owed. He added that this was also reported to the NAV after the raid,

By the time the IRS confiscated the ten million forints they still had.

Gábor Iványi said they will settle the case in the EU court in Strasbourg, but they still have a way to go to court in the EU if all Hungarian remedies have been exhausted (and their cases are still before the court in Hungary for the time being).

The head of the Charitable Protection Society, who was one of the possible presidential candidates from the opposition to the Republic, also said he still sees political action against them. He also noted that only about 40,000 people have donated 1% of their taxes to the church behind their association, the Hungarian Evangelical Brotherhood, this year, but have not received money from it, even though it should have gone after 4,000 supporters a year. according to Gabor Ivani.

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