Since its introduction in 2019, Google’s quantum computer, Sycamore, has 70 qubits instead of 53, so the one-second advantage over supercomputers has grown exponentially.

It now seems clear that quantum computers will outperform supercomputers by a long way, but only by an amount that can be estimated. Researchers working on Google’s quantum computer, Sycamore, claim to have relatively accurate data on the difference between the two types of systems.

the Interesting geometry Reports indicate that the latest iteration of the device can perform complex calculations in seconds that would take even the fastest supercomputers about 47 years of continuous operation. Report on this arXiv appeared on the prepress server.

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The company has been working on quantum computers for several years, and introduced Sycamore in 2019 with 53 qubits. Qubit is short for quantum bit, and it is the smallest unit of data in a quantum computer. Unlike a binary computer’s bits, which can be 0 or 1, a qubit can be both 0 or 1, allowing complex arithmetic operations to be performed extraordinarily quickly.

There have been many examples in recent years that increasing the number of qubits has allowed a quantum computer to outperform supercomputers. Sycamore beat the world’s most powerful supercomputer, Frontier, by just one second four years ago. Since then, Sycamore’s performance has increased by 17 qubits, which means, due to exponential growth, that it now outperforms its competitor by 47.

The big question remains what can this feature be used for. Although they have the potential to curb climate change or develop a cure for an incurable disease, quantum computers are not yet very good at solving real-life problems.

According to Microsoft, we are still in the early stages of quantum computing, so it will take time to realize its full potential.

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