Microsoft is already testing a function that instantly notifies the user in Windows 11 if a new photo is taken with their Android mobile phone. It's not just a notification: you can use the new file on your computer right away.

Transferring photos and screenshots to a Windows device is still not the easiest process – most people still start looking for the data cable of their Android device to copy files to computer over a wired connection, and it's not the quickest or easiest process.

However, Microsoft is about to change this, with a new, very practical function: in the Windows 11 preview, the innovation can be tested, with which the user can be instantly notified of the image or screenshot taken with his Android device.

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By clicking the pop-up notification, the new photo can instantly open on your computer in the photo editor – just as if it were a screenshot taken on your computer.

This notification will appear when you take a new photo using your Android mobile phone

To use this function, you must do the following. Open Device and then menu item Bluetooth and Devices. Under this, the Mobile Devices option should open, and there will be a Device Manager option. In this, the computer must be authorized to connect to the Android device. (The actual Hungarian translation may differ from this; in Hungarian, the settings are not “Settings” but “Gépház”.)

Device authorization window

At the end of the process, the system also warns the user to update the system add-on called Cross Device Experience Host – this can be done in the Microsoft Store.

The novelty is currently being tested by Microsoft in previews of Windows 11 with build number 23619, and there are no rumors of support for Windows 10. It is not yet known when the new functionality will appear in the public version, but we certainly don't have to wait long for that.

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