Spotify has fundamentally rethought the platform, and users will soon be able to see a completely different interface. Video content and many other interesting things are coming in, while the streaming provider seems to be trying to keep up with trends.

Spotify has completely redesigned its homepage, which will therefore resemble TikTok and Instagram, the company announced at an event on Wednesday. The era of traditional album covers is coming to an end, and the music streaming service will present the content to users in visual form.

Daniel Eck, Founder and CEO of Spotify CBSHe said: The update brings a brand new home page, which has been revisited from the ground up, with more interactive content.

Music news streams and podcasts separate from the previous album and podcast covers stacked one on top of the other. Instead, there will be vertical surfaces showing a preview of the content of the performers, who can also create full-screen videos of them.

This, writes A.N Mashablealso brings with it the fact that from now on it will also be possible to meet video content on Spotify – users will be able to meet in this format their favorite artists.

Spotify’s new interface.


In addition, the Swedish company has also announced that it is now opening up in the direction of video streaming, which will be able to compete with YouTube, which until now was the exclusive platform for such content.

Finally, they also announced a partnership with Patreon, a platform dedicated to supporting content producers. Under this, content creators will be able to get live support, but subscribers will also be able to listen to content uploaded to Patreon on Spotify.

You don’t have to wait long for the new features: the lucky ones have access to them now, but those who don’t have them don’t have to worry either, because in a few weeks or months the completely renewed Spotify will also be available to them. It is worth keeping an eye on whether there is an update to the application or not in the app store or the in the Play Store.

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