Svjci millirdos buy Chelsea FC

In the United States, a Swiss millionaire, Hansberg Weiss, to Blick He stated that he would buy English football club Chelsea, whose current owner, Roman Abramovich, may have denounced the Union Charity for Russian-Ukrainian wine.

Roman Abramovich resigns from Chelsea after the Russian oligarch announced his resignation from the club.

In the past, Chelsea said the club would not sell, and a statement from a Swiss millionaire made that change uncertain, with Hansjrg Wyss saying he had been asked to join a consortium to buy the club. – please so

Swiss miller Hansberg Weiss was talking to ChelseaSource: Twitter

“Roman Abramovich is one of the closest dancers and bartenders to Vladimir Putin. Like every other oligarch, he is now pnikol.Abramovich is currently trying to sell all the British villages and wants to get rid of Chelsea soon.” The 86-year-old told Blick, who also missed the Russian owner’s top level.

“On Tuesday, we received an offer from Abramovich to buy Chelsea. Now I have to wait a few days, because Abramovich is much more than that.As is known, Chelsea owes him 2 million pounds (about 916 million forints – freed), but he cannot repay it. This means that whoever buys the club kills Abramovich.”

Roman Abramovich will get rid of ChelseaSource: Agence France-Presse / Ben Stansall

“And the exact sales wheel is unknown to this day.I can imagine talking to Chelsea with other partners. I need to know more about the terms of this move, but what I can say for sure now is that I won’t go into it. If I buy the club, I will do so with a consortium of six or so investors.” Hansjrg Wyss, who is rich thanks to Synthes, said the company whose fortune Forbes Business magazine estimated in 2021 was $5.8 billion, or more than $2,000.

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