An electric truck is marketed by the Hungarian company Aldi

An electric truck is marketed by the Hungarian company Aldi

Aldi will be the first Hungarian grocery chain to operate electric trucks, which will provide a daily supply of merchandise to its stores. The first truck – a tractor – will be put into service in 2021 at the Aldi logistics center in Biatorbagi. The tractor was originally marketed as a diesel, and after converting the entire drive chain and recharging it with batteries, the car became exclusively electric. The quality and quantity of the batteries guarantee the same performance and torque as before, so the assembly has not lost its payload and can still carry up to 24 tons of cargo.

The electric truck can cover 200 kilometers on a single charge, and its battery can be charged to 100 percent in just two hours. The electric motor saves about 3,600 liters of fuel per month in a single tractor compared to the diesel version, and reduces the vehicle’s domestic CO2 emissions by 13.7 tons per month. The first truck will supply Aldi units in Budapest and Pest County with goods on a daily basis, after which another electronic truck will join the fleet.

Cover photo: Dinendra Haria/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

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