The referees allowed a Hungarian player to return early after the match ended, so the last four and a half minutes had to be replayed.

After an American warning and support, the Hungarian men's water polo team lost 14-13 to the United States, in a replay of the last four and a half minutes of the bronze medal match, ultimately ending up not getting a bronze medal. But in fourth place in the World Cup Super Final held in Los Angeles.

National team captain Zsolt Varga's team originally won the match with shots from five meters after the final score was 13-13, but the USA team saved the match, because after a showdown, the referees allowed one of the Hungarian players to return to the field. Water too early. In the end, caution was upheld, so the final few minutes of the match had to be replayed – and an American goal was also scored in those four minutes.

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“It doesn't happen very often, certainly not in my career,” Zsolt Varga later said.

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