Spain gives Ukraine more weapons

Spain gives Ukraine more weapons

Spain is providing another military aid package to Ukraine, which includes a battery for the Aspide air defense missile system, Hawk air defense systems, anti-tank missile systems, and other associated weapons and missiles. – Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba announced at a joint press conference with his Spanish counterpart Jose Manuel Alparis in Kyiv on Wednesday.

According to the head of the Ukrainian Ministry, the shipment of new weapons is already on its way to Ukraine. The Minister noted that Spain’s decision to supply Hawk systems to Ukraine was a signal to other countries to start looking at the possibility of delivering Hawk systems to Ukraine. “This is exactly what we asked of Spain, it helps protect our civilian infrastructure,” Koleba emphasized.

Aspide systems are designed to protect strategic facilities such as industrial companies, airports and seaports. It can also work as part of a multi-layered air defense system, as it is able to exchange data with other types of air defense systems. Ukrainian Pravda wrote in its report that the Hawk air defense system is the forerunner of the US-made Patriot missile defense system. The news portal added that the United States is also considering moving such systems to Ukraine.


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