Several developers were left off the Callisto Protocol team roster

Of the developers lined up at the end of the video game, more than two dozen full-time game professionals were left out.

Studio Striking Distance has reportedly dropped two dozen developers from its list of Callisto Protocol creators. Those left off the list, which can be viewed after the game is over, included senior developers, managers, team leaders, and several staff members who had worked on the project for over a year.

the He wrote in more detail about the issue: The people who were left out contributed significantly to the creation of the video game and its format, which can still be played today. Several developers were marked as providing “extra” help, while others were marked as “other”, which was further down the list.

Furthermore, according to the source, Striking Distance Studio has not issued any policy stating that developers will be dropped from the Callisto Protocol team if they leave before the project is completed.

Glen Schofield revealed prior to the release of Callisto Protocol in December 2022 that the team worked long hours “six to seven days a week” to prepare the game for release. So it’s no wonder the case is bad for the developers who were left out, because they also played their part.

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