Seagate thought you wouldn't miss Star Wars Day

Seagate thought you wouldn’t miss Star Wars Day

Given that May 4 was World Star Wars Day, it’s no wonder Seagate restricted its dedicated hard drive.

Seagate star Wars Three collectible hard drives inspired by Boba Fett, Grugo (Baby Yoda as a girl), and The Mandalorian Foot. Joining the Star Wars family of Beskar Ingot Drives, the FireCuda External Hard Drives Special Edition is available in three variants to represent each legendary character.

Photo: Seagate

One gets the cool look of bounty hunter Boba Fett, the other builds on Grogu’s cheerful look, and the third is based on the Mandalorian theme. The drives are equipped with customizable RGB LED lighting, and each has its own unique and default personal lighting design. Boba Fett has a striking red color, a glowing blue Grogu coloration, and a “dark blue” Mandalorian coloration.

Photo: Seagate

With a capacity of 2TB, FireCuda External Hard Drives (HDDs) also work with PCs, Macs, PlayStations, and Xbox, allowing tech lovers to store their media, files and games regardless of operating system. Built for universal compatibility and fast transfer speeds with its USB 3.2 Gen 1 connector, Seagate comes with a five-year limited warranty and three-year rescue data recovery services, which can be reassuring for users with frequent drive deaths.

Photo: Seagate

Each drive can be purchased for $109.99, which equates to $40,000 at the time of writing. So you’re paying about twice as much for a cheaper custom look – also a 2TB – external hard drive, but the fan is presumably worth that much for a custom look.

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