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Science has solved the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. Here is the explanation

Science has solved the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle.  Here is the explanation

One of the most famous cases occurred in 1945, when five US Navy bombers disappeared on a training mission in the area. He was Flight 19, which gained notoriety due to experienced pilots disappearing during a light navigation exercise, seemingly without a trace. And in the decades that followed Shipwrecks and downed aircraft are often attributed to the destructive power of the Bermuda Triangle.

There is nothing unusual here

The folkloric spread of various theories A book published in 1975 by Larry Koshy Curb, which debunked the myth and revealed that reports of the triangle were inaccurate, exaggerated, or unfounded. He concluded that The number of accidents in the area was not much higher than in any other part of the oceanBBC Science Fox reports.

Bermuda Triangle / Photo: Getty Images

However, over the years, many natural and supernatural explanations have emerged Bermuda Triangle related. Some blamed technology left behind from Atlantis. Others claimed that the triangle is the site of a space-time warp that sucks objects into a parallel universe. According to one of the strangest natural explanations, methane bubbles emanating from the sea floor capsized ships. However, studies conducted by the US Geological Institute have not shown significant methane emissions over the past 15,000 years.

The troubling mystery of Antarctic sea ice may finally be solved

The troubling mystery of Antarctic sea ice may finally be solved

The high frequency of hurricanes in the region may have had serious consequences in the era Forecasts were not accurate enough to allow pilots and captains to avoid bad weather.

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A modern one Stady Depending on the converging storms, they can create waves up to 30 meters high, which in principle can also sink large ships. Laboratory simulations confirmed this Such waves can send ships to the bottom of the seaBut there is no evidence that it actually occurs in the Bermuda Triangle.

Statistics speak against riddles

Some claim that magnetic anomalies caused sailors and pilots navigating by compass to go off course. Although no such anomalies have been identified, in the early 20th century, true geographic north and magnetic north were aligned in the Bermuda Triangle, which could lead to navigational errors.

It is worth noting that The U.S. Coast Guard has not identified any specific threats in the Bermuda TriangleA 2013 study listing the most dangerous waters for shipping did not mention the area. Despite heavy air and sea traffic and frequent hurricanes, the Bermuda Triangle has not had a statistically unusual number of accidents and shipwrecks.

The real reason this myth has survived for so long is… According to Science Focus Much more mundane. People are naturally drawn to mysteries, so early reports of disappearances attracted widespread attention. Once the legend spread, reporters were quick to attribute more shipwrecks to mysterious forces in the Bermuda Triangle. In recent years, the craze has subsided, perhaps because of this Modern technology allows us to track ocean and air traffic more accurately.

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