Returnal - PlayDome online gaming magazine is a bit late

Returnal – PlayDome online gaming magazine is a bit late


The PlayStation 5 exclusive horror-adventure game is coming a few weeks later than planned.

1/29/2021 15:19 | Jerig | Category: Game

When Huosmark The studio announced its game last summer, ReturnT, even planning its debut in March of this year. As with many games, it turns out that they have now settled themselves a little. Fortunately, this time around, it feels like very little.

Returnal’s protagonist is an astronaut who is forced into a forced landing in an alien world. He still escapes from this, but he soon realizes that nothing in this world is as it seems, and the key to survival is to search for an ancient civilization. But this world is not really Heaven, every living thing will enter our lives, and as such, sooner or later they will catch us. But after every death of our hero, you revive in a spaceship, which means two things: You always have to start the adventure game from the beginning, but you will always be smarter and more experienced. So Returnal promises a classic science fiction in a time loop that the developers will also toss with a randomly altered world.

So all of this was originally going to be released on March 19 as an exclusive for PlayStation 5, but the studio indicated the other day that they couldn’t keep that date. Hence the return will only be available on April 30th. ■

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