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Republican senators threaten to challenge the results of the Electoral College if the commission is not formed

About a dozen Republican senators and elected senators on Saturday called for a committee to review the results of the 2020 election, and said they would otherwise object to the Electoral College vote that declared President-elect Joe Biden the winner.

Although there was no evidence of any fraud in the elections, the group of lawmakers said in a statement that they were calling on Congress to establish a “complete investigation and fact-finding body, to conduct a 10-day emergency audit of the election results. In the disputed countries.”

If no such commission had been established, the group threatened on January 6 when both chambers would meet to “reject voters from contested states as not being” given regularly “and” legally approved “(legal requirement), unless and until the state of emergency 10 is complete. For a day. “

With the House in Democrats’ hands, there is no chance the dismissal will have any effect on the outcome, and Biden will still be sworn in on Jan.20. But the action by Republicans in both houses will prolong the ratification debate to the final. Votes are taken in Congress.

Republican Senators Ted Cruz of Texas, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, James Lancford of Oklahoma, Steve Dines of Montana, John Kennedy of Louisiana, Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, and Mike Brown of Indiana signed the statement on Saturday, along with members of the House of Representatives. Elders. Select Cynthia Loomis from Wyoming, Roger Marshall from Kansas, Bill Hagerty from Tennessee, and Tommy Toberville from Alabama.

Senators interrupted their statement by saying they would put forward the vote to challenge the results.

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An objection is not considered in writing and signed by both a member of the House of Representatives and a member of the Senate. In order for the objection to continue, both chambers must vote for it by a simple majority. If both chambers do not agree, the original electoral votes are counted.

Senator Amy Klobuchar, a Minnesota Democrat, who will be one of four lawmakers participating in the vote count as a senior member of the Senate Rules Committee, has criticized the Republican move as a “publicity stunt.”

“He is not democratic. He is not American. Fortunately he will be unsuccessful. In the end, democracy will prevail.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told Senate Republicans that the objection vote would be the “most important vote” of his career, and was encouraging his Republican convention not to join the objections.

The announcement on Saturday came after Senator Josh Hawley on Wednesday became the first senator to say he was He will contest the testimony From some countries Electoral College results, Forcing other Republicans to vote on whether to reject President Donald Trump’s unfounded allegations of massive voter fraud in this year’s election or millions of voters being deprived of the vote.

Trump has criticized members of his party who failed to support his outlandish allegations of fraud and called for the resignations of local Republican officials who refused to revoke their term’s results. The president has not yet commented on the latest developments, but his campaign tweets a message of thanks to the senators.

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