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Reporter EP about Viktor Orbán’s Pyrrhic victory

Reporter EP about Viktor Orbán's Pyrrhic victory

According to Finn Petri Sarvama, the prime minister will continue to try to use tactics in the future, but he is not stupid. He knows that Ukraine’s support has been a turning point.

Rapporteur on the rule of law in the European Parliament (EP) hvg. huHe says he’s not surprised Orban’s government as a victoryevaluates EU Ambassadors Convention on Mondaybut according to him, it was actually a loss for the Prime Minister, who had already used his veto power in the Council several times, skillfully exploiting the EU’s unanimous demand.

Petri Sarvama According to the prime minister, he miscalculated when he thought Brussels would not have the courage to propose a freeze on the funds. He countered this when it became clear that the other 26 member states would find a way to financially support Ukraine even without Hungary.

Viktor Orban is not stupid, he could not risk standing permanently in the geopolitical corner and being referred to as someone who voted for Russia. He saw that the other 26 member states were ready to avoid him, and we were in the European Parliament to give our mandate for that on Thursday. Even in the council, everyone is starting to get fed up with his behavior, he bites the hand that feeds him, and even then he doesn’t stop. This is a bad and dysfunctional strategy, which is why I say it cannot be evaluated as a victory for Viktor Orbán.

According to him, the reduction in the amount of frozen funds in the conditional procedure is only symbolic, and something must be provided.

If we look at the Cohesion Funds and the Recovery Fund together, 12.1 billion euros are currently frozen, and their transfer requires strict conditions to be met.

According to Petri Sarfama, it’s been over for a while Victor Urban His tactics, you can count on him again later, but he will have to think twice, because – he explains with a metaphor – society already sees him as a neighbor sneaking out of the garden, and the European Parliament continues to pressure the European Commission to maintain standards with the Hungarians. The EPP member thinks it is very good for the party family to advocate for the rule of law and the conditionality mechanism, but he does not think this has anything to do with the Hungarians. According to him, a wayward policy should serve as more of a warning, because it can happen anywhere, in any member state.

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