The REAL Prep Steps For A College Party: Ladies Edition

Ok, so we are all already aware that girls take a long time getting ready for any outing, if you were ever curious as to why…or wanting to pick up some preparation steps for yourself you may have come to the right article. Keyword: may.

Note: This article is not categorizing all college girls, or all girls in general. Maybe just you, or a friend you know…most likely this pertains to you. It’s okay though, I won’t tell girl. 


In college, some of you might have told your parents partying isn’t what you’re there for, or you “out grew parties”, lowkey we both know you googled your college’s party ranking. We don’t blame you! Aside from getting a great education and building a pathway of successes for yourself, college is still supposed to be fun. Nothing is more fun than laying down them edges a little bit more than usual, going out with your crew, and having a good time with some of your peers. Don’t know what any of that is about? Here are some real steps real college girls like you take….with visuals too..*gasp*.


Step 1


You’ve been in classes all day and distracted by your friends and your evening plans..passing out from drinking on an empty stomach is not lit, and a growling stomach wasn’t supposed to be the background beat of your favorite song.



Step 2

PREGAME (before the actual party of course)

Invented by college students (maybe); it means drinking before going out to party, mostly to prevent oneself from spending too much on alcohol while out.
“what?? the drinks are $5 each? we shoulda pre-gamed…”
This definition was brought to you by Urban Dictionary.

Related image

Because getting dressed for a party doesn’t feel the same without partying while getting dressed! Whether you attend an HBCU, CC, Or a PWI, there is a pregame being hosted in a room near you. Keep in mind, by the time you are done getting glam for the night, the beverages could be gone.. 9/10 that usually is the case. So why not enhance your night before it actually begins? 


“It takes my friends THREE fucking hours to get ready and I’m not even gassing it up or anything. Honestly, three hours. We first decide what we are doing that night. While doing that, we are rolling a blunt. We smoke at least two blunts. That takes us an hour outside of the three. Once we decide what we are doing, we are high. So, now we gotta get dressed high! When they put their outfit on it’s very rare that they like the first thing they pick out, so they have to keep changing until they like what they see. Then the shoes…the shoes are being changed 20 times. Then right when we head to the door each one of them forgot something (blame it on the bud ya’ll) so now they are taking like fifty trips back to the house from the car.” – IG: @Umithagoat Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta, GA

Step 3

GETTING DRESSEDImage result for girls twerking in bathroom

If you aren’t already turnt this is probably…actually no..this IS the longest, time-consuming part of the whole night. This very moment, everybody is what us girls take on average 2-3 hours to do.  Not only are you dressing your body, you are dressing up your hair and face. Also, if you’re wondering if this gif an accurate description of what goes on in the bathroom? Hell yeah.

Finding the right outfit is one of the biggest hassles. If you are able to imagine up an outfit and make it come to life in one shot, shouts out to you! The struggles dealt with during this process is usually spent deciding between those jeans that make your butt sit up right or that dress that lets it twerk freely. Picking shoes is another nightmare. What kind of party are you attending? Is it worth getting those suede thigh highs you spent $180.00 for at Aldo scuffed by someone’s dusty Nikes? Decisions..decisions..

After you and your girls have finally gotten dressed for the college Grammy’s- and I hope you aren’t already 2 hours late…finally it is time to beat your face and slay your hair. To. The. Gods. I won’t apply Urban Dictionary to this term, if you don’t know, then you are on your own with that one.Related image

“What do I do when getting ready for a party? I play some music! Either African or Reggae to get me hype while I do my make up. That is why it takes me so long. My favorite songs to get ready to are Block & Delete by Alkaline and Do Like That by Bello” – IG: @Lindah_Forever , West Orange, NJ

Step 4


We didn’t go through all of this for nothing.

Image result for i look good clearmont gif

Yes, this is the final step. If I went through every step in detail i’d might as well write a short book. Ya’ll are done. You have came this far. You did it.  Your outfit, hair and face is on 1-hunnid, and so are your girls. Take some more shots to celebrate this fantastic accomplishments, and because the ones you took earlier wore off.

“The most important stage: TAKING PICTURES!!!!!! You look BOMB and so do your friends. Your hair is done, and your face is beat to the GODS!!!! So get out your cameras, your Snapchats, and your Instagram and pose! Show these haters why they’re really mad. I recommend listening to “Boy Bye” by Queen Beyonce, while you and your ladies march drunkenly to your Uber….it’s good for the morale. – IG: @TypicallyTiff , University of Hartford, CT

pinterest: @omgxnai ♔:

Now, please exit the room, your Uber will arrive in 3 minutes.

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