PlayStation 5: New FromSoftware- Exclusive? Will the old franchise come back?

Demon’s Souls’ original developer, FromSoftware (since the new release with the now defunct Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio is likely to be officially verified soon by SIE affiliate Bluepoint Games…) something could be made again.

Xbox podcast co-founder Era Shpeshal Nick says (correct description of Shpeshal not getting together for the first time szerint) FromSoftware One PlayStation 5– We’re working on an exclusive game and doing one tweet Confirmed by a summons. We confirm this game won’t be a sequel to PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne… The other tweet highlighted anyway that the rumored State of Play performance was around August 19, so approx. It may come in a week. (And here you can also officially confirm the acquisition of Bluepoint…)

Then there is another topic mentioned. else tweet between He wrote to the heck about everything and risked pulling the match on someone, but he also shared with the Twitter community that he didn’t want to be outdone by others (in the case of FromSoftware’s PlayStation 5 exclusive), and stated that wipe (wipE’out” or WipEout) can be prepared to return.

This sounds dangerous, but Shpeshal Nick stopped it with Sony planning not just for PlayStation 5, but PlayStation VR 2(Whatever the name of this virtual reality headset is…), and since then a Omega collection survey, Rethinking the previous parts on the PlayStation 4 I later got PlayStation VR support through the patch, and here I want to support VR mainly. Wipeout’s return is still a long way off (if true), as development is at an early stage and, in principle, is an XDev project, which means it can be connected to several independent studios in Europe.

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Neither FromSoftware’s new game nor the return of Wipeout, which runs heavily on the first generation PlayStation, has been confirmed, so it’s not worth taking it 100% seriously. (And here in the end, we’d like to ask in parentheses how was Wipeout left out of the otherwise big PlayStation Classic show?

Source: WCCFTech

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