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Places are running out at Gyor’s first cycling festival

Places are running out at Gyor’s first cycling festival

Organizers welcome children aged 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 years to the Bike Run Festival so they can test their skills and speed on the track. A total of 120 children can participate in the Players’ Competition, and as reported by the main organizers of the event, Pence Balazs and Balazs Bors, one hundred children have already registered, so there are only twenty places available.

“At the same time, we would like to emphasize that those who may fall behind in registration should not feel disappointed and stay at home, as this competition is only part of the program, and all children will have the opportunity to try out the track. Many colorful programs are waiting,” Balazs-Borse said. Interested immediately on Saturday afternoon.

Pence Balazs, who has seen similar events on social media, is the creator of the event. Such a festival is especially popular among children in East Asia.

“I wanted to implement it in Györ as well, and when I talked about it to Balázs – who we have known each other for almost twenty years, having worked together before when the Urban Downhill competition was held in Bannonhalma – he jumped at the opportunity and said there would be an event in the middle of November, where you can imagine this as a program. “Word was followed by action, and now here we are, with no space available to rent,” Pence Balazs added.

The enthusiasm of the organizers is unending. They are confident that the event will be a success and that they are truly able to create a tradition with it. Long-term plans include raising the event to the regional or even national level.

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“Let’s not rush too much, let’s see how successful and popular it is, but we hope that everyone will leave OSP on Saturday evening satisfied. We want to stress that even though one hundred and twenty children will participate in the competition, everyone will be a winner and will not leave empty-handed,” the organizers added. “.

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