7 Things You Should Make Time For In College

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So we are ALL familiar with that feeling of how being in college can be very overwhelming, especially with studies and extracurricular activities! From dealing with boys, classes, organizations, and TRYING TO SLEEP we get lose ourselves and our regular routines. It’s like your “home routine” has been kicked out and the “college routine” comes in changing up the game! Once the “home routine” is out the door, we seem to fall off and neglect the things that were once enforced and instead give stress and social life priority. And because we are young adults we say that we are “too busy” to make time for the little things. But of course, the little things count to. Here are some things you should make time for in college, regardless of how busy you are!

1. Prayer/ Meditation

The easiest and most convenient thing to do on this list, prayer and meditation! Take at least 10-20 minutes out of your day to medicate, pray, or even the Bible. Most people become so busy that peace literally doesn’t exist anymore. Take this time to find that peace in the middle of the hurricane and regroup.

2. “Me-Time”

Most of the time we direct our focus towards others or our work and lose ourselves.To halt this from happening, Me- Time is needed. During this time, you should enjoy your own company. Watch TV, listen to your favorite music, take yourself to the movies, or even focus some time on your hobby. Me Time is an essential key to balancing college life and personal life.

3. Family Time

We all know of the family dry spell. When you go days and sometime even weeks without communicating with family (other than your mom). But it’s not your fault, numerous calls and texts drowning your notifications can be quite overwhelming, hectic, and distracting. This is why making time for family is something that needs to be done regardless of business. Most family members are happy to hear from the college student(s) of the family. It shows that you haven’t forgot about them and it also spreads love. Family time is definitely a key essential to personal balance and social balance. I mean who doesn’t want that warm feeling of love after talking to the family!?

4. Clean Your Room!

Yes, yes, yes you’re busy, we get it! But that’s never an excuse to neglect that Saturday morning cleaning that your room desperately needs! Trust me, making time to clean is time well-made and cleaning is a good workout!

5. Study!  Study! Study!

It comes times when you have to make life decisions such as: Free Before 10:00 at The Club or Studying for a test that’s Monday. Of course turning up sounds fun and you rather see the Greeks strolling in a club rather than stare at a book all night. And yes it’s just one test, HOWEVER, the club will always be there. A chance to make an A on this test won’t always be there. Make time for studying! Trust me, it’ll pay off and after you make the grades you can turn up with no worries about any tests!

6. Career Services

Many people are not knowledgeable about the career services center on their campus. Career service centers present many opportunities to students that show interest in enhancing their chances for jobs, internships, and even scholarships. Taking time out to visit your center can lessen the burden and stress of having a job during and after your college career. If you have free time and you’re on campus, be productive!

7. Keep A Planner!

 This can keep you sane in college! Having a plan and a to-do list every day provides success and peace of mind. Writing things down help so much because you can look at everything and prioritize! By planning you know exactly what assignments and tasks need to be done.  Now THIS is a true barrier for stress!





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