Paid content has been added to the game, and fans are stuck

Paid content has been added to the game, and fans are stuck

Marvel’s Avengers has received a lot of criticism for its monotonous gameplay and slow-flowing downloadable content, but it was in no way to blame Square Enix, the publisher, for being so hungry for the game that we took advantage of post-release content for free. . Yes, but with the latest update, an option has been added to Avengers that encourages users to spend extra money.

a Video Games Fact Report According to Marvel’s Avengers, recently, after the debut of Game Passes, a set of XP and consumables, which can be purchased with real currency, became available in the play store. What do we get this way for our money? XP Accelerator makes it easy to collect experience points, which also speeds up your character’s development. Of course, they’re often introduced to other games as well, but if we remember, Marvel’s Avengers is just that. It was announced with her before its releaseOnly hero-like and external stuff will be available for real money, not content that affects gameplay.

Among other things redditn They expressed their anger at the XP boost paid in the game. “A serious question for those who agreed to this in view of the fact that they promised to pay only for beauty products: do you understand? No apology either: if you do not expect overwhelmingly negative feedback, then you are simply not fit to be in a leadership position,” he wrote in the discussion post By a user named Fletcher421. He said it was specifically rubbish and an unfortunate pull that it was only pushing this into the faces of users who came with the new Game Pass, that both the publisher and development studio were practically cutting down the tree underneath.

Of course, many agreed with this, and there were those who canceled the game because of it. In light of many, it was especially unfortunate to do so in light of that Progress slowed in March Referring to balance correction, so more experience points are needed to level up. There were also those who stated that they would no longer purchase Crystal Dynamics. Let’s add to that that it’s possible that Crystal Dynamics’ decision not only or not, the publisher, Square Enix (also) could be goosebumps in the matter.

Marvel’s Avengers was released in 2020 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The game recently introduced copy protection for PC, which received positive reviews, but it will come with Spider-Man DLC, exclusively for PS owners, causing its first big roar on the Avengers front.

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