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Over 90,000 fraudulent accounts have been banned by Valve and this is just the beginning

Over 90,000 fraudulent accounts have been banned by Valve and this is just the beginning

Cheats are the biggest enemies of online games. Whether it’s cheating in the classic sense or the Smurfs, Valve has taken action.

05.09.2023 – Players are responsible for three disturbing phenomena in online games. Obviously, the worst category includes cheaters, but toxic gamers and smurfs shouldn’t be excluded from the list either. The heroes of our post are the Smurfs. Players with thousands of hours create new accounts either for their own fun or to be able to play with their friends. The title given treats them as beginner players while they have years of experience. Thanks to this, they ruin the experience for weaker or novice players, which can be particularly frustrating in the long run.

The smurf phenomenon can occur in almost any online game. Whether it’s a Warzone, CS or Valorant battle royale. MOBA games are no exception, there are quite a few of these players in Dota 2 and League of Legends as well. In recent days, Valve has caught up, as an unprecedented wave of bans has swept through Dota 2, but this could easily be just the beginning.

Over 90,000 “cheats” have been banned by Valve – some are envious

the Giant company It claims that over 90,000 Smurfs have been banned from Dota 2 in the past few months. The majority of players only use it in easy matches, but there were also those who experimented with cheating. Both scenarios are a reason for Valve to ban these users without a word.

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However, the company went further. Not only were the secondary accounts banned from the game, but the main accounts were also stalked. Going forward, major accounts that Valve finds a Smurfs account linked to can face a variety of penalties, from temporary behavior score adjustments to permanent account bans. If you suspect someone has hacked your game, use the in-game reporting options to report them. This will help us track offenders and collect data for our future counterintelligence efforts.

The online community read Valve’s words with appreciation. Many speculate that the company may soon be preparing something similar in Counter-Strike 2, while fans of other games would like their developers to act against “cheats” with equal effectiveness.

source: computer forum / dota

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