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Orban’s populist, anti-Islam ally may win the Dutch elections

Orban’s populist, anti-Islam ally may win the Dutch elections

According to opinion polls, the far-right Freedom Party led by Geert Wilders could have won the Dutch elections. BBC writes. The party, which has been in parliament for 25 years, won 35 seats, comfortably overtaking the second most successful coalition of the Green Left Party (GL-PvdA).

However, even if his victory is official, it will not be easy, as 76 seats are needed to gain a majority in the 150-member Dutch legislature.

However, the next three parties with the most votes have already indicated that they will not cooperate with Wilders’ populist, anti-Islam party.

It is not yet known how he envisions this, but Wilders stated in his victory speech that his party would govern alone if necessary.

However, the Left Party coalition that is in second place has no easy task either. Forming a government coalition led by these parties will require at least three additional parties, including right-wing parties.

According to expectations, the left-wing coalition led by Frans Timmermans, former Vice-President of the European Commission, which was founded in the summer, won 25 seats, while the center-right liberals (VVD), who have been in power since 2016, won 25 seats. 13 years old and thought to be the favorites, won 24.

The center-right New Social Contract party, which was founded three months before the election, could win 20 seats, making it the biggest winner in the election after Wilders.

Wilders received one, if not the first, congratulation from Viktor Orbán He noted on TwitterThat the wind pattern is changing. Last year, Hungarian Prime Minister Wilders was awarded the Central Hungarian Order of Merit, for which Petofi thanked.

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In addition to his anti-Islam views, Wilders – although he suggested during the election campaign that there were more important things to do before Islam was banned – is also known for asking the Dutch in a referendum whether their country should leave the European Union. At present, he realizes that the public mood has not yet reached this point, not to mention that his country was one of the founders of the Six-Party Alliance that led to the creation of the European Union.

The Dutch elections were called after the collapse of the party-led coalition government following a dispute over the treatment of asylum seekers and the resignation of Mark Rutte, the country’s longest-serving prime minister, after 13 years in power.

The VVD has finished first in every election since 2010, but has been forced to form a coalition government for 13 years. This could be their worst election result since 2006, if the polls are accurate.

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