What Not To Wear This Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving, family, and love, of course. Somehow, African-Americans like to turn every holiday into a fashion show. You always have that one auntie that does the absolute most and that one cousin that comes looking…not so good. The truth is, there are a few items that should ultimately be banned from Christmas dinner. Whether it is Christmas with Bae’s family, Big Mama’s, or even the office Christmas party, here are a few items to steer clear.

Short Dresses/Skirts

You always want to leave a good first impression with your future in-laws, and also be able to move freely about the premises during the holidays. You don’t want to spend the entire time tugging at your bottom to make sure it’s covered. Plus, it’s cold outside. If you must wear a short skirt or dress, try to create the illusion that it is longer with tights, knee high socks or boots, or a long sweater. Just in case they play the Cupid Shuffle or Electric Slide, you don’t want to be the girl sitting down with her legs crossed.


There is a good festive and there is a bad festive. Don’t pull out the “Ugly Christmas Sweater” if it’s not that type of party. You do not want to be the butt of all the jokes on Christmas Day. If it lights up, plays music, or has a very shiny nose, keep that ‘in-house’ for the kids to enjoy.


I mean casual is casual but maybe sweatpants are a bit too casual. Sweats are cool for after your pants fit just a bit too snug after dinner but it shouldn’t be what you pull out to make your grand entrance.

Whatever you pull out the closet for Christmas dinner. Make sure someone else’s granny would be okay with seeing you in that. Of course, it is almost tradition to dress your best and keep in mind that the first impression is a lasting one. This way cousin John-John won’t talk about your light-up Christmas sweater and matching pants again this year.

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