New NBA 2K23 Jordan Challenge mode in preview

New NBA 2K23 Jordan Challenge mode in preview


After more than a decade, the popular game mode returns with 15 challenging challenges.

22.08.2022. 22:22 | Greg | Category: game

The 2K Sports and the Visual Concepts This year, she’s also trying to sneak in a little nostalgia NBA 2K23inside. For this, perhaps the sport’s greatest icon of all time, Michael Jordan, was asked to help. After NBA 2K11, the Jordan Challenge mode returns, for which a new trailer has also been made.

The game mode is for those who love challenges, as they will be abundant as well as provide a great documentary experience. In the Jordan Challenge, we can relive fifteen key moments of a star’s career, starting with the 1982 NCAA National Championships and ending with the 1998 NBA Finals. Before each challenge, we can watch an interview with the stars who were all part of these special events. at that time.

It is interesting that in this game mode the control and gameplay will change, and it will be more like a typical basketball of the 90s. There will be more mid-range shots, more focus will be placed on positional play, the quick start game will be changed, the playing field will become narrower and more people will go to the basket. They also try to reproduce the unique movements of the great stars of the era, such as Larry Bird or Magic Johnson.

NBA 2K23 is coming to PC, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It will be released on September 9. ■

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