Élőben is gyümölcsözhetnek az új, online kapcsolatok

New internet connections can directly pay off

According to social psychologist Erzi Nemeth, the coronavirus epidemic has given another impetus to the spread of internet use and made various online social media sites more popular.

“Even the previous numbers are very staggering, for example, there are many more Facebook users, including those who are in the percent and 0. It has been a huge, huge area so far, and there has been a gradual and increasing amount of involvement due to the pandemic.

Lockdown, lack of information, and accelerate the transfer of social contacts into the online space. “

Erzebit Nemeth said about the sudden rise in InfoRádió.

When he said that “this whole thing” began, everyone celebrated that it was a triumph of transparency and democracy, where everyone could “communicate on a large scale without any kind of guards, editors and financial political pressure,” and described the process as communication, which started .. in professionalism . “Today, this medium is also used for financial, political and other influences.”

It is believed that these interfaces can develop connections that can be used even in offline mode, but the expert says it is important for users to read the reviews they read online with criticism.

“ The way people care about each other’s privacy and give advice to each other is not hypothetical.

These are real relationships that became exclusive during the pandemic, which made it possible to create a network of social relationships in the online space.

And he warned that while someone inhales, he enters an opinion bubble, and sees only those opinions, and only searches for those opinions that enhance his opinions, beliefs and beliefs.

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According to him, even today, more and more people believe in intellectuals that “science should not be too confusing”, although the question is that when we depart from something, it may be science, so what takes its place in our life.

He added, “Science has nothing to do but learn the truth, explore links, and separate reality from chance. We have encountered a lot of information that does not stand the test of proof.”

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