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Netflix's new detective series has been a hit, and fans are clamoring for a second season

Netflix's new detective series has been a hit, and fans are clamoring for a second season

But what does this company cost 300 million HUF? – continues among sharks

In Moldova, Andras harshly criticized his fellow Sharks, even offending Ilona Orbock a bit when he called his show inferior, but in the end he ended the broadcast himself with an investment.

As I noted a week ago, investors this year are included in the crop cycle. So in the second broadcast Istvan Lakatos And Ilona Orbock The basic three, already familiar to the point of boredom, Levente Balogh, Peter Balogh And (Andras in Moldova). beside him.

Well, let's get to the point, since one of the show's great virtues is that instead of a time-consuming digression, the first delinquent comes right after the sharks show. One in Budapest Laszlo Varga An economist came to the program with a business related to culinary art. Ars Poetics makes everyone feel good.

He defines his relationship with gastronomy as the fact that he loves to eat. like Lilo He pointed out with a sharp eye the weakness of the idea: just because a person likes to eat does not necessarily mean that he knows the art of cooking, but this did not scare us delinquents.

László Varga is the dreamer of Húsleves et al. They prepare prepared food that, they promise, tastes just like home.

Of course, this is thin ice, but 47 years ago I had already eaten homemade food that I would never want to taste again.

As you can guess by the name, they started with broth, but today you can also get bean soup, chicken stew, or dumplings. The Sharks really liked the beef soup, but when Laszlo asked for $40 million for an 8% stake in the company to create a kitchen big enough to supply capital, they felt a bit sad.

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Laszlo's weakness is that while he describes himself as a lover of numbers and mastery, he has also taught for a few years On Corvinus -, it was very difficult to extract numbers from it, and the calculations were not always convincing either.

The Sharks decided it wasn't worth organizing their own delivery and came out one by one. An exception is István Lakatos, who offered 4 million Hungarian forints for an 8% stake in the business and a line of credit of 36 million Hungarian forints, but also asked for 250 Hungarian forints per order. Laszlo did not want to take out a loan, so he did not accept the offer. Levente sent Balogh, the economist, on his way, telling him to do what he dreamed of and come back in a year.

Cute young couple, sire And David They create personalized and uniquely designed images for any occasion. It was released in the summer of 2022 with audio images that can be heard and hidden personal messages. Without downloading any application, all you have to do is touch the smartphone on the photo to listen to the messages.

They asked for 7 million Hungarian forints for a 10% stake. However, the sharks quickly pointed out that the company was actually in the red. Although they made a profit of 1.5 million forints, this does not include their wages, as they revealed that they work as IT professionals, and do not make a living from photos.

Moreover, there is nothing in the idea that they personally need.

At the same time, investors were very impressed by Molly and David's personality and enthusiasm. They were so sympathetic to Andras Moldovan that he announced that if one of his colleagues joined him, the two would give them the seven million. He convinced Ilona Orbock: they asked for 20-20% investment. After some uncertainty, the young men did not accept the offer. In Moldova, Andras said that sometimes there is only half a moment to make a decision in an entrepreneur's life, but “that train has left.”

While I was watching the broadcast, I thought that László Varga did well even without a show, because at least he advertised Huslevis and his friends on RTL for free. The Mollies also promoted their business for free, but what they do could be done tomorrow without them by an entrepreneur in a better position than them, because he has his own printing press, for example.

The third applicant was Marton Geksi. Their joint company with his father distributes Asian-made robots in Hungary, Dubai and Germany as a distributor.

The specific presentation he made was to develop a system born from the realization that Hungary was becoming a superpower in the field of batteries. They developed a control system in which an automated system detects when a battery in storage experiences a shock, becomes unstable, quickly overheats and becomes a fire hazard.

The robot immediately isolates the suspected battery, thus preventing a possible fire in the cargo. Marton asked for 300 million HUF for a 10% ownership stake in the entire company, so that the investor could also benefit from current activities.

After it turned out that Marton Gyksi's father had a family of 6 companies, including only one robotics company, István Lakatos applied for 50% of the entire company.

Levente Balogh was willing to give 300 million for 20%, the biggest offer ever between the Sharks. Ilona Orbock requested 15% of the shares in the entire company, with priority over dividends.

At this point, the Sharks got into a fight, because Andras Moldovan thought the offer belonged to Levente Balogh, and the rest was fantasy.

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Naturally, Lakatos and Orbock took their bad name from the fact that their fellow investor – who did not want to participate in the bidding himself – rated their bid as paltry and even substandard.

Finally Marton called his father and came back saying that buying a share in the entire company was not impossible, but would be the subject of a longer face-to-face conversation. However, they can accept Levente's offer, and thus the deal is sealed.

Adam Sebastian And Adam Perezdo They came with a job application. The gist of the idea is that companies can easily find temporary workers through the app. The main areas covered are logistics, hospitality and retail. Adam and Adam demonstrated the process in action with the help of two actors.

They want to build an international operation, in which they will involve a broader group of investors. The Sharks were asked 65 million Hungarian forints for 4%. After a lot of calculations and manipulations, Andras Moldovan offered 32.5 million for 5%, which Petya Balogh also maintained by saying that now it was not necessary to negotiate with them, but with the existing investors. The Adams family finally accepted the offer.

I always think of István Kalai's famous scene among the sharks, where… Laszlo Markus He tortures him with it The year of the apple“How much does this chair cost 7,200 Hungarian forints?”

Investors also tear apart the applicant's company in this way, and in fact sometimes act just as crazy as Marcus. Despite this or because of this? – This is still one of the most entertaining and high-quality reality shows available in Hungary.

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