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His wife said amazing things about the black train musician who lives as a homeless person

His wife said amazing things about the black train musician who lives as a homeless person

Beat, the Black Train musician, had a nervous breakdown last week during a live broadcast. He walked down the street, screaming with a frothing mouth, frantically asked the world why he had ended up on the street overnight from a quiet family life.

Beat’s anger began after the Black Train concert when it became apparent to him that he wasn’t getting as much money as he had expected. The musician first blamed the party organizer, then LL Jr., then his wife, and finally the whole world for what happened.

Come here alone! Come! Come on, I’ll wait for you here in Blaha! If you’re a person, Király utca k… va, you! I’m here at Blaha, come on Junior! Come hit me!

exclaimed the musician.

Source: Mohamed Fatima Instagram

Mutual acquaintances, who had hitherto been silent, began to speak reluctantly about the frenzy being broadcast on Facebook. Old friends were full on, they couldn’t stand to watch Beat dirty everything and everyone around him.

Pitt’s family, including his wife, have now broken a thread and responded to the accusations.

You left your family after it was revealed how much money the black train was making you. You left us here with hundreds of thousands of forints left…and went on to play rich star. You gave me and our children a total of HUF 150,000 out of the 4 million forints offered! Your most disgusting behavior was when you stole the TV from the apartment. And you sold it. That’s why I told you I wouldn’t give you your coat back until you gave the TV back to the grandkids. (Because she is not with me, but with our granddaughter, because the little girl, you know, watches her from the kindergarten, and cries if the story does not continue and she cannot watch it.) Then I went to Víg and filed a report on the street that I had stolen the coat!

And I was able to come to the apartment with the police so that I could return it or be tried for theft. You can bring your own policeman, and you can take him away! miss out! I gave the jacket back, of course the TV is nowhere to be found, because you sold it, drugged it, made it up, ” Pepper.

Source: Tibor Feher Facebook

The monologue that Beth’s wife posted to her Facebook page wasn’t over yet, and it was the climax of the family potty when she wrote:

The joy of the cake is that it turns out that you have had a partner for three months, whom you forgot to mention at home! So, just as you left home after 24 years to try your luck so that you don’t have to live off big money with your family, you got together with a woman for a week… (…) You also cheated her badly.”

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