Netflix seems to be tired of sharing our account with others

Netflix seems to be tired of sharing our account with others

I am a Netflix subscriber, and I am using the Premium Package, which, among other things, allows me to use my account on multiple devices at the same time. I live alone, so I am sharing this opportunity with my sister and some of my acquaintances too. However, there are indications that Netflix does not like this type of account sharing, as there are those who got the following message on their smartphones with a loan subscription: “If you don’t live with the account owner, you will need to complete.”

If the person wishing to Netflix receives this text, they will need to either prove that they are using their own account or create a new account. Regarding unexpected notifications, a Netflix spokesperson confirmed to several portals that they are only testing at the moment, with the aim of only allowing Netflix accounts that are truly authorized to do so.

Please note that the terms of use state that “the Netflix service and any content displayed through the service is for personal, non-commercial use only and may not be shared with anyone in the same home as the user.”

The text is clear, and random messages from the test indicate that Netflix has been satisfied with sharing the account among friends, and in the future will introduce restrictions that allow the account to be reused only if it is already within the family.

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