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Netflix can expect a huge lawsuit over the Szarvasbébi series, and the real Martha is demanding several billion forints in damages

Netflix can expect a huge lawsuit over the Szarvasbébi series, and the real Martha is demanding several billion forints in damages

The streaming platform has been sued by the woman who was modeled after the main character in the series Szarvasbébi.

We recently covered in a separate article the Netflix series Szarvasbébi, which is also very popular in Hungary. According to the story of the series, a woman named Martha falls completely in love with a waiter, and her infatuation turns into obsession (she sends thousands of emails and hundreds of voice messages to the waiter).

It's an interesting story and has more depth, but it's not the writing itself that immediately begins to tickle viewers' imaginations: Baby Deer blew up because Netflix promoted the series as a “true story,” so it's not the usual “based on fact.” Events”. Put a title on it, so in principle everything actually happened exactly as it did in the series – or at least that's what they imply. The basis was provided by the performance of Scottish comedian Richard Gadd, who recounted his own experiences from the time when He still works there as a waiter.

Viewers immediately began trying to figure out who the woman called Martha was in the series, and this led to the same person coming forward to the audience: Fiona Harvey gave an interview on the spotwhere he said that yes Szarvasbébi is about him, but according to his claim, nothing really happened as it appears in the series.

Harvey said that there was no doubt that there were a thousand messages or obsessions, he only sent 10 funny emails, and he did not even know the waiter's phone number, so Richard and Judd barely met a few times during their short meeting. knowledge. He previously confirmed in the aforementioned interview that Netflix did not communicate with him in any way during the production of the series, and therefore he is preparing to file a lawsuit. He also filed a lawsuit against.

He filed a lawsuit in a California court and seeks $170 million in damages (more than 60 billion Hungarian forints) – $50 million of which will be compensation for “actual damage,” $50 million in damages, and another $50 million that will come from the state. Proceeds from the series and $20 million in punitive damages are also part of the lawsuit.

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Interestingly, by the way, Harvey has filed a lawsuit against Netflix solely and exclusively, Richard Gadd (who of course based on his own viewing and personal experiences, the series is not a defendant in the case). In the lawsuit, the “true story” tag at the beginning of the first part of the series was described as the biggest lie ever seen on television. They also covered, for example, the lawsuit that says that according to the series, the main character was eventually arrested (for harassing a police officer), but Harvey was never actually convicted of anything.

The accusations are therefore very serious, and if it is proven that Netflix lied, it could have serious financial consequences.

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