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Neon Rider Classic Test –

Neon Rider Classic Test –

We jumped on it with great force Neon Rider ClassicBut he ended up falling on his face.

There's a situation where a game can't be praised even with the best of intentions – and unfortunately, I'm in such a situation right now. And no, I'm not talking about when there's a clearly weaker title and the “respectable” critic (hungry for such things) drops at it with his sharp scythe and picks it up with great pleasure. That's not my style (very), and I condemn it when someone flirts out of lust. the Neon Rider Classic It's truly a classic, which is why I tested it. However, what I received was unfortunately far below my expectations.

Let's start from the beginning. The game published by Armor Games is already 15 years old and was born as a flash game. It has lived two parts (Neon Rider and Neon Rider World), played 15 million times to the delight of its creators (Luissi and Jeff Wofford). It just got a great new version of the franchise and you can buy it for a dollar ($3) on Steam. What's wrong? Well, the game (unfortunately) is not good. Of course, I can also be criticized for not respecting history, etc., but the truth is that I would have said the same thing 15 years ago. The music is terrible (the first thing I did was turn it off), the UI design is simply ugly, the game shows good ideas for nothing, the track design is poor, and the length is too short. There are a total of 31 tracks that can be completed in about half an hour. Since then, it's over, and there are no more. There are no new game modes or anything.

Let's be clear that this style is not new and did not exist 15 years ago. You could see a lot of side view car/motorcycle games with mountains and valleys even back then. And let's not forget that each one of them is actually a specific person Elastomania Copied things are called ATV Simulator And it actually laid the foundations for the ZX Spectrum in 1987). The point is that Neon Rider Classic It showed something new as there are three different colored bonus platforms in the game, which you can “ride” if you match the color of the car. It adds an extra layer of strategy, so the idea is great. Unfortunately, the game falls between two chairs because of this. On the one hand, there is no racing and jumping typical of this genre, because you look at the colors (even on the mini-map) to know when to change them. However, the color graphic is not really used, the courses are too easy, and sometimes I accidentally made it to the finish line, even though I paralyzed a player.

Another concern for me is that I have had a similar game on my phone for years (I thought it would be the game) that looks eerily similar to this one. In the spirit of fair play, I won’t even describe its title, because it turns out it’s a product of a competing publisher. This version is “only” 7 years old. It doesn’t have the idea of ​​colorful platforms, but it knows much better in all other areas. It has an endless mode, lots of greenery, online multiplayer, daily challenges and more interesting achievements, and last but not least, great level design (not to mention it looks much better, it deserves a neon indicator). Now I know it’s a clone and not a skin, but unfortunately there’s a big difference between the two. This is the situation that happened when Charlie Chaplin started a similar race and only finished third. Embarrassing. I know the developer wanted to release the game cheaply, in its original (a bit pretty) state, but it could have done better with a little extra development in terms of game modes and levels. Neon Rider Classic So it feels like a prototype, and unless someone is a huge fan of the original, like me, they won't really be able to appreciate it.

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evaluation: 4/10
Developer: Luisi, Jeff Wofford
publisher: Armor Games Company
platform: Computer


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