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After a year of use, my RTX 4090 – PCW melted for no apparent reason

After a year of use, my RTX 4090 – PCW melted for no apparent reason

Under these circumstances, a broken cable or bad connector is unlikely to be the cause.

Nvidia’s most powerful beast made its debut last fall, finding itself at the top of news pages and forums several times, but not necessarily in the way the Greens would have liked. There have been dozens of reports from RTX 4090 owners who were distressed to discover that the new power connector had simply melted in their million-dollar rig.

Naturally, Nvidia avoided liability wherever it could. In some cases, the company cited user error and responsibility because the connectors were not connected correctly, while in other cases it blamed the defect on cables that were poorly designed and assembled by partners. We’ve seen less news like this in recent months, but more and more of these GPUs are being brought into repair shops, and they appear to have the same bug.

One user on Reddit reported that his card suddenly stopped while gaming, his computer crashed, and the smell of burnt plastic emanating from the casing. The ASUS TUF RTX 4090 connected to a 1000W power supply was running under voltage. The story did not reveal whether there was an ATX 3.0 power supply in the user’s device. In any case, ASUS did not try to hide it, but instead offered to pay for the device or send another RTX 4090 instead. Others, as well as the STRIX model instead of TUF.

Since the card worked flawlessly for an entire year, it is unlikely that the failure was caused by a poorly connected connector, as it would have melted much earlier. the Northridge repair According to the channel’s report, more and more of these errors are raising their heads, and their sad owners have brought more cards as well. According to many, if a deviation of 1 mm can lead to such problems, then the users cannot be blamed.

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