MEN: Must Have Essentials For The Spring

The Biker jacket, jeans, and Chelsea boots were cool, but we are slowly approaching a new season. I am back to give the fellas a few tips on what to cop before the first day of spring (March 20).

    1. White Kicks or Suede Derby Shoe

The spring time means the temperature will be rising unless you live in Texas like myself, where its 80 degrees in the Winter. You want a shoe that is light weight or light colored to reflect the sun rays and not add excessive heat or discomfort to your feet. You first need a pair of white kicks and not bulky. Either Nikes, Adidas, or your favorite shoe brand, just make sure they are light weight. The white shoes can be worn with anything and are easy to clean. They should cost you no more than $100 and you can purchase these at your local sports or online store.

The spring and summer seasons means there will be many day parties, and causal outings because people are trying to enjoy the weather. For those more eventful evenings you should own a suede Derby shoe. Preferably a lighter color such as tan, grey, or blue. These three colors are universal and can be dressed up or down depending on your mood.  You can order these from or For all the college students, I understand you may be on a budget. Try using your student discount to save a few bucks.

2. BOTTOM : Slim Fit Chinos

Fellas, now that you have your shoes game right, it is time to work on the pants. Jeans are always acceptable, but we are trying to elevate this year. I explained to you guys that we should rid of the baggy look and purchase a pant that will make you more appealing to the ladies. Pick you up a pair of slim fit chinos that you can wear for any occasion. On a hot day, you can wear your chinos with a messy, stiff, or no cuff at all. I prefer the messy cuff because it gives a more edgy appearance. Fellas you want to give off the “I tried, but I really didn’t” look, if you catch my drift. You want to make your audience think dressing is easy for you. You can purchase a pair of chinos from or

3. TOP: Slim Fit Basic Tee/ Light Colored Button Down

I personally stopped wearing graphic tees around 2011, but to each his own. I wanted to be taken more serious so I stopped wearing shirts that promoted subjects such as sex, money, and drugs. I started shopping for more thick cotton, slim fit tees. You can choose any color in which you feel comfortable, but stay away from blacks as much as possible. If I do wear a graphic tee, it is most likely trefoil Adidas or nike shirt. Something recognizable and simple.

All men should own this next item.

A plain slim fitted button down is a must. If you don’t own at least one, that signals that you probably do not own a suit. NOT GOOD ! A plain button down of any neutral color can get you a long way. Please stay away from colors such as red , turquoise, yellow etc. Before you purchase any of those colors , please look up the definition of “soulful” before checking out. This button down can take you from work to happy hour and back for that 6 p.m. meeting. This piece if valuable and should always be crisp. You can purchase a button down from any store with a men’s department and they should cost no more than $15. Depending on the occasion you can leave a few buttons open or add an appropriate tie.

4.  Cologne

Choosing the right fragrance to last you through the season can be difficult if you don’t know what you are going for. Personally in the fall, I prefer a harder smell such as ‘weekend’ by Burberry or ‘F’ by Ferragamo. You want something that will have the ladies doing the infamous double take when you walk by. The spring should be more of a fresh scent. Most likely you will be more active in the spring/summer and want a fragrance that is light and not hard on the nose. Be cautious of what you choose, try getting samples to test them out before you buy. Remember having the right cologne may get you that number at the end of the night.

These are the few essentials that I plan to wear for the upcoming season. Hope I could help.


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