Meet Kim Roxie Owner Of Natural Make-Up Line Lamik


In college, she worked as a makeup artist at the mall. she loved helping women discover their natural beauty. She felt a calling to work in the beauty industry and dreamed of creating a makeup line. But when she researched the ingredients used to make the products, she was appalled. She remembers thinking, “I can’t put my name on that and sell it to people!”

She set out to find a manufacturer who could work with her to launch a natural, safe beauty brand for women of color. It was not easy to find someone who would work with a startup, but she didn’t give up! In a moment that felt like destiny fulfilled, she met a chemist who worked with her to create her brand.

She first opened LAMIK as a brick and mortar store in Houston, Texas. The store sold her collection of natural, organic and vegan beauty products for women of color. Soon LAMIK was much more than a place! LAMIK became a community where women knew they belonged.

Last year, she felt a new calling. She looked around and saw how LAMIK was empowering women of color in Houston, She dreamed of more. She wanted women around the world to experience the same thing. After winning a business competition, She moved to Austin, Texas to join a startup accelerator and launch LAMIK online.

She stated when I first created LAMIK, the name was nothing more than my name spelled backward with an LA in front? The LA came from my middle name. I’m an 80s baby, so I knew LaTasha’s, LaMeka’s, and somebody reading this may be a LA___, so at the time it made sense.

But when a buyer asked me the meaning of my brand name, I just couldn’t tell that story. At that moment, purpose prevailed and I responded Love and Makeup in Kindness. I realized that is what LAMIK really stands for and the power of true beauty is that it comes from within.

That’s why I always say Beauty is Revealed, Not Applied.

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