Matt Barnes Announces Scholarships for #StephonClark’s Sons

In results released on Friday by his family’s legal team, Clark received no entry wounds from the front of his body, according to the Sacramento Bee. Instead, the autopsy found, he was facing his grandmother’s house with his left side pointed toward the officers who shot him, first hitting him under the left arm. But the blast of that shot spun him around so that his back was toward the officers leaving it exposed to six more shots. Another shot struck him in his left thigh as he fell to the ground.

Clark has his cell phone in hand. Officers first claimed they thought it was a gun.

Jamilia Land, a family friend said Clark’s brother Stevante is taking his death pretty hard. He stated

“You don’t know the damage inside,” Land said. “We are living in communities that look like war zones. You don’t know what it is like to go to the home that you grew up in and hear … that your brother was murdered in his grandmother’s backyard.”



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