Made a premiere of a documentary on Sir Alex Ferguson

Made a premiere of a documentary on Sir Alex Ferguson

As is known, a documentary about Sir Alex Ferguson will be shown in cinemas on May 27 in the UK. Manchester United revealed a preview of the film on its official Facebook page.


Sir Alex Ferguson was even more afraid of losing his memories (Image: Getty Images)

a “Don `t give up” Shows an unparalleled football career – Books Manchester United official website.

“My biggest fear was when I had a stroke losing my memories – Tell Sir Alex Ferguson. While making the movie, I was able to relive the most important moments of my life, both good and bad. Because my son Jason directed the film, I was able to speak in a frank and intimate atmosphere.”

Manchester United published a preview of the film on their official Facebook page, in which, in addition to the legendary manager, several world-class players – Ryan Giggs and villain Eric Cantona also spoke about the Scottish coach who knows exactly what footballers know. Wanted, he had an almost father-son relationship with them.

The film will be shown in UK cinemas on May 27, with only four days left to go anywhere in the world.

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