WTA Chinese Championships Peng Suag suspended the situation m

WTA Chinese Championships Peng Suag suspended the situation m

MTI said the WTA, which organizes women’s tennis tournaments, suspended the Chinese championships on Wednesday due to Peng Swag’s stance.

The Women’s Tennis Association suspends the Chinese Championships due to the WTA’s stance on Peng Swag (Photo: AFP)

“I don’t know how we can ask our athletes to play there while Peng Swag cannot communicate freely and appears to have been pressured to contradict the allegations of sexual harassment.” He said Steve Simon The first leader in the organization.

He added that in this case, he would be concerned about the risks that all players would have to face if the tournaments were held in China in 2022.

“The WTA has made clear what is needed. We reiterate our call for a full, transparent, and uncensored investigation into Bing Swag’s allegations of sexual harassment.” Simon announced.

The 35-year-old, a two-time Grand Slam champion, was not rumored to have accused former Chinese Vice Premier Zhang Kao Lee of sexual harassment in a November 2 post on his community. The post was removed half an hour after it appeared, and Peng made no mention of himself after that. Neither the Chinese Sports Federation nor the government has commented on the merits of the order, and posting comments on social media has been banned.

Due to Peng’s unexpected and prolonged disappearance, politicians and tennis players from around the world have expressed their concerns, and the WTA has announced that it is ready to bring all of its tournaments from China if it does not receive a reassuring response about the player. A week and a half ago, Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee, spoke to Peng on a video phone, and Emma Terhu, the Finnish leader of the IOC’s Athletes’ Committee, and Li Ling Vig, a Chinese member, testified. From the International Olympic Committee. During the half-hour conversation, the tennis player said he was safe at home in Beijing, was doing well, and was spending time with friends and family.

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According to the WTA, this video alone is not enough because it remains unclear whether Peng is free and able to make or act independently, freely. Although Simon reached out to Bing through various means of communication, he said the responses to the emails were clearly influenced by others.

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