Let’s find out! M2 Children’s Channel is looking for young “researchers”.

Starring public media children’s channel elementary school, one of the popular educational series, Derítsük kier! Inspired. Starting in March, students have to solve a challenge every month, and they can apply for valuable gifts through a short video on the subject.

With the help of exciting experiments, even the youngest ones can get a taste of the world of science in an interactive way. Last fall, this idea gave birth to the unique M2 children’s channel. Let’s find out! His media series.

The series introduced ordinary natural science phenomena to primary school students.

Let’s find out! (photo: MTVA)

In addition to playful explanations, the episodes also included interesting experiments that can be done at home, which are a huge hit among the little ones. That is why the children’s channel in the public media decided to announce the elementary school championship for fourth, fifth and sixth grade students on the topics of the series.

For three months starting in March, Toyas Kota and his enthusiastic assistant, Teodor Kocak, will present a science puzzle in the program, which must be solved through home experiments in teams of three. Students successfully complete the challenge if they provide a short scientific explanation in the construction video.

In the first round, the children are tasked with trying to drop a raw egg from a height of two meters without breaking it. Application materials are expected to be submitted to the email address [email protected], from 20th March to 9th April.

It pays to start the experiments as creatively and innovatively as possible, as the winning team can emerge in Let’s Find Out! in one of the episodes.

The series will return to children’s channel M2 with new episodes in the fall. For the Spring School Championship rounds, viewers can get inspired by the first season’s scientific discoveries. The Clippelsburg Center is the sponsor of the Elementary School Student Initiative, which runs through May 21.

Let’s find out! – Children’s Channel M2 Primary School Championship from March 20th for the most creative young scientists!

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